The dream of second-to-none 3D sound space has come true
 We always welcome the inquiries for the production of music and sound sources by KISSonix 3D SYSTEM.
 Encoding by KISSonix 3D doesn’t require any special devices.
 Decoder is yourself; your “ears and brain”.

Convert music, sound effect, narration and so on to 3D sound (surround sound)
 Outdoor events, theaters, shops, convention venues, TV, CD, Web distribution & streaming and any other stereophonic circumstances are applicable for KISSonix technology.

  Your living room turns out to be
the state-of-the-art sound theater
with only two speakers
   Normal stereo image  KISSonix 3D sound imege

 ※KISSonix 3D is not a device for sale. It is a software program that enables you to enjoy “3D sound source” without changing your existing stereophonic equipment.

About KISSonix 3D
 "KISSonix 3D SYSTEM" has been developed by the CEO of KISSonix Inc. for over two decades of R&D, which features 3D surround effect enhancing technology. Only with a couple of stereophonic equipment, it elevates your sound system superior to those of movie theater or CD master level. Synchronizing with the development of Internet cloud circumstances, KISSonix is committed to providing the state-of-the-art 3D surround sound space.
■Optimizing your current stereophonic equipment
 You can use your current stereophonic equipment without any changes.
■Compatible with any sound format
 3D surround effect is never lost even if you change sound format.
■Enhancing the quality of sound
 One of the competitive advantages of KISSonix 3D sound is the enhancement of sound resolution. It widens the sound image localization, which gives the audience to experience existing stereophonic equipment upgraded without any changes.
 With only a pair of stereophonic speakers, you can enjoy sound localization on above and surround effect almost equal to the famous “Dolby Atmos”.
■Improving the weak point of 5.1-channel surround sound
 KISSonix 3D improves the weak point of 5.1-channnel surround, which has narrow listening point. Also, it will be totally compatible with 5.1-channel surround if you convert current sound format to that of 5.1-channel in the future.
■Healing effect
 From musicotherapy point of view, KISSonix 3D contributes to the improvement of rehabilitation.

History of KISSonix 3D introduction
 〜The wonder of sound space attracts naturally listeners〜
■Shopping venue
 ◆Shibuya “Hikarie” ShinQs Switch Room(6 floors available)
   First time ever in the public venue, KISSonix 3D has been open and is still in use.
   The healing sound space is being provided to lots of visitors to “Hikarie”.
 ◆Kachidoki “THE TOWER” condominium gallery (permanent)
   KISSonix 3D sound fits perfectly with the projection mapping of a precise diorama
   of Metropolitan Tokyo. The charm of high-rise condominium currently in fashion is
   enhanced by powerful images created by KISSonix 3D.
 ◆Yokohama Cosmo World 3D theater - "4D-KING"
■Movie Blu-ray and DVD
 ◆Movie「The bride of Rip van Winkle」Blu-ray&DVD
  (Director, Mr. Shunji Iwai)
■Chaku-uta "Ring tone"
 Anna Tsuchiya "Check Mate"(Toei Movie「Battle Royale 3D」theme song)
 ◆The scenery of spring water fountain[3D]
 ◆Dangerous street corner[3D]
 ◆Challenges for unknown[3D]
 ◆The wave of Waikiki beach[3D] and so on.
 ◆MISSING RING "Hibike 〜Healing surround sound space〜"
  Shibuya “Hikarie” ShinQs 3rd anniversary CD album)
 ◆Ms. Atsuko Takao「Healing music from Kyoto
       〜The dream collaboration of Stradivarius and water harp of ancient Kyoto〜(DVD & CD)
 ◆Ms. Michi "The hill where the bell rings"(DVD & CD)
◆Mizuno「World of Sports」(Radio CM)
   <Excellency in Radio section sponsored by ACC Award・Excellency in Radio section sponsored by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association>
 ◆Shin-Nippon Steel「The sound of steel」(Radio CM)
   <Grand Prix in Radio section sponsored by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association>
 ◆Toei「Battle Royale 3D」preview(TV-CM), preview for theater(Movie theater)
 ◆Otsuka Pharmaceuticals「InnerSignal」(TV-CM)
 ◆Panasonic「3D VIERA」(TV-CM)
 ◆Mitsukoshi-Isetan department stores「LACHIC」(TV-CM)
 ◆Fuji- Highland「Water Zaboon」(TV-CM)
 ◆Singapore Parco(TV-CM)
 ◆MAZDA "CX-3 World Premiere"
 ◆Bandai "Chocolate festival of nature"
 ◆Yokohama Doc Yard Garden "Memorial Projection Mapping"
 ◆Walmart NBM2011(Saitama Super Arena)
◆Sensory VR game「TRYNITY CRISIS」(Plaza Ichihara)

Trial listening
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◆Providing anyone with utterly enjoyable audio environment!
3D surround sound system developed by a famous music composer

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