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It is truly epoch-making 3D surround sound system developed by a famous music composer.

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gThe future of sound vol.1 by the surround sound effect space of KISSonix 3Dh has picked up the achievements.
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"Inter BEE2016" has picked up the achievements.
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"The Bride of Rip van Winkle" BD/DVD has picked up the achievements.
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Disclosed the secret at a famous pitch event in Bay Area g Japan TechMatch.

On Sept. 20th and 21st 2017 We were chosen as one of the finalists for the pitch event gTechMatch Japanh sponsored by JETRO San Francisco. First time ever, the KISSonix 3D technology was introduced to top-notch companies, VCs and angel funds with full applause.

Exhibited at start-up event gDisrupt SF 2017h
Photo by Noriya Tarutani of JETRO
From Sept. 18th through 20th 2017 at the world-known start-up event gDisrupt SF 2017h KISSonix exhibited the prototype speakers with the unique KISSonix 3D sound enhancing technology and gathered enormous attention form lots of corporate investors, VCs and angel funds.

KISSonix 3D track for iKON new mini album!

The music unit giKONh who won The Japanese Record Award gNew Best Artist g in 2016 released new mini album entitled gNEW KIDS : BEGINh encoded by KISSonix 3D, which gives a chance to enjoy live stage with vivid presence and powerful video featuring a-nation2016.
Promotion video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hldXPFkE3_s

hRocket firework.....h filmed by Shinji Iwai movie producer was released in original Blu-ray with KISSonix 3D.

In August 2017, the original movie in Blu-ray gRocket firework, how you watch it from below or sideways?h was released with KISSonix 3D sound track. The movie which was produced for Fuji TV drama 23 years ago has been rejuvenated thanks to KISSonix technology.

Talk event gThe future of sound vol.2 by the surround sound effect space of KISSonix 3Dh was successfully held.

On 24th of March 2017 at Technical Collage in Higashi Nakano, Tokyo the CEO of KISSonix held a talk event with Mr. Sou Watanabe, professional photographer and technical producer, who creates programs by maximizing most advanced video shooting technique such as 4K, drones and so on.
The event was entitled gThe future of sound vol.2 by the surround sound effect space of KISSonix 3Dh.
The event theme was the collaboration of 4K video produced by Mr. Watanabe and KISSonix 3D/HD sound. They enthusiastically talked about gThe future of entertainment created by High-resolution video and high-quality soundh.

Audience Award at HUB Nationwide Venturesf Meet Up in 2017

On 22nd of February 2017 at EY seminar room in Kasumigaseki Building in Tokyo the CEO of KISSonix Mr. Kazuyuki Ito introduced the prototype of gKISSonix 3Dh encoder to the public.
He explained fully about the future of innovative sound by only utilizing a pair of stereophonic speakers, which outperforms 5.1 surround system, gKISSonix 3D/HDh world and honored gAudience Awardh.

Talk event gThe future of sound vol.1 by the surround sound effect space of KISSonix 3Dh was successfully held.

On 12th of January 2017 at Gibson Brand Showroom in Yaesu, Tokyo the first talk event was held between Mr. Naotaka Tsukuda, creative director who produced the opening video of gSanada-Maruh, NHK gTaiga Dramah and Mr. Ito (CEO of KISSonix).
They talked about g3D surround sound for movies and watch Mr. Tsukudafs short movie with KISSonix 3Dh.
Lots of applause was given by the audience because they clearly understood the difference between original master of the short movie entitled gHanautah, which was introduced at International Movie Festival of Cannes 2016 and KISSonix 3D remixed version. The audience was especially impressed by the vivid presence and sense of indulgence in KISSonix 3D surround sound effect.

The event was picked up by gMovie Walkerh

Introduction of gKISSonix 3Dh encoder at Inter BEE2016


hKISSonix 3Dh prototype encoder was introduced at Inter BEE2016 (International broadcasting device exhibition), which was held from 16th of November through 18th at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition venue.
The KISSonix 3D encoder is a device ready for the use by professionals such as mixing engineers for 5.1 and multi-channel surround systems, which gives them a chance to create high-quality 3D sound enhancing system available for only a pair of stereophonic speakers.

gVideo SALONh introduced an article gOne of the most interesting products in Hall 7/8 of Inter BEE 2016".

KISSonix 3D SYSTEM for sound track of the movie

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Published by Pony Canyon
The movie entitled gThe Bride of Rip van Winkleh filmed by the producer Mr. Shunji Iwai was published by Pony Canyon in Blue-ray with KISSonix 3D sound track on 2nd of September 2016.
In time for the movie release, the magazine gMovie Walkerh by KADOKAWA publishing picked up the article about the developer Mr. Kazuyuki Ito (CEO of KISSonix Inc.) as below URL.
@From News Walker

Exhibited at 4th Tokyo Innovation Leadersf Summit

hKISSonix 3Dh encoding processor prototype was exhibited at 4th Tokyo Innovation Leadersf Summit sponsored by MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) from 24th of October through 25th at Toranomon Hills, Tokyo.

Grand Prix Award for Toilet in Japan

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@From Sankei Newspaper issued on 5th of September 2015
hShibuya Hikarie ShinQs Switch Roomh with 3D sound space created by KISSonix 3D technology was awarded as gGrand Prix for Toilet in Japanh initiated by the Japanese Government in 2015.
For the commemoration of 3rd anniversary of gShibuya Hikarie ShinQsh, KISSonix 3D CD entitled gHibike ~ Relaxing Sound Spaceh is for sale exclusively at the Information desk on the 2nd floor of Shibuya Hikarie at 2,300yen/copy (ADVC-116).
@ADVC-116 \2,300iTax outj


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3D surround sound system developed by a famous music composer

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