■Company Profile
 Company Name:KISSonix Inc.
 Address:3-11-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan
 CEOKazuyuki Ito
 FoundationAugust 2014
 ContactTel +81-3-3248-8688 Fax +81-3-3248-8689

■Scope of business
 Programming of sound system and sale of 3D sound devices
 Production and design of 3D surround space by maximizing KISSonix 3D
 Production and Planning of music, sound and video

■Message from the CEO
 KISSonix Inc. was founded in 2014 with the corporate motto “Convert all the stereophonic environment to 3D surround sound space”. The company is still new but the technology with the name “KISSonix 3D” has been developed over 25-year researches on how we can convert stereophonic sound to 3D surround effectively without jeopardizing quality of sound or further enhancing quality and resolution of it.
 In the end, for all the listeners of stereophonic sound, we have become able to provide superb KISSonix 3D surround sound without changing anything to the stereophonic equipment in daily use, which utterly outperforms so-called 5.1-channel surround and multi-channel speaker systems.
 Especially it is surely revolutionary that KISSonix 3D is applicable not only for TV, but also for web streaming such as YouTube, etc. Finally the time has come to enjoy 3D surround sound even on the Internet.
 Please keep your eyes wide open to KISSonix Inc. We are surely ahead of all the current technologies in music and sound production.

                                  President and CEO
                                     Kazuyuki Ito


◆Providing anyone with utterly enjoyable audio environment!
3D surround sound system developed by a famous music composer

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